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What To Wear For Your Amazing Senior Pictures

Senior Pics are ALL ABOUT YOU! Each and every session is created specifically to bring out your best and capture your personality. And, you will have FUN in the meantime! Just relax be prepared to bring your ideas too. I really enjoy getting to know you and making your session unique to you.

Arrive on time with your hair done, accessories packed and ready to go, and clothing on hangers. Wrinkles make you look OLD, right? :) So make sure that your clothing is ironed and looking good. It is a nightmare to retouch wrinkles. Oh, and don't forget a few pairs of shoes to go with your ROCKIN' outfits.


Try to schedule your haircut about 2 weeks prior to your session, if possible. So many times have you suffered through a “unique” haircut and tried to hide under a hat? Well, I have. So make sure that you have a couple of weeks to get your hair movin' and groovin' the way you like it. And be sure to bring your brush. Follow my Pinterest Board of “Beauty Bits” for the latest and greatest in beauty trends.


An appointment to have your make-up done my by my make-up artist will add the finishing touch. She really knows how to bring out your best features, using shading, contour, and the hottest colors to make you look fantastic. You won't regret it! Your eyes, lips, and skin will look their best. Make-up fee is $50.
If you prefer to do your own make-up, that's fine too. Always wear base foundation, mascara, eye color, lip and cheek color. But please avoid glitter and shine, which photographs like flashes of lightening on your face…not good.
Bring your make-up bag to make sure that your lips and cheeks coordinate with your clothing.
Avoid excessive tanning or you might look like a leather chair! You actually will look better with natural color skin with your foundation to even everything out. You may want to whiten your teeth with whitening strips to make the most of your pearly whites too!


I recommend a light color or French Manicure for girls. But if purple polish rocks your world, go for it! Nicely trimmed nails for guys. I will be photographing your hands, so make sure they look their best too!


Bring more than you think you will need. I will help you go through your outfits and pull it all together for a great look! I view clothing in 3 categories:
A dressy outfit, such as prom dress or outfit for nice restaurant or church. Classy, tailored, and sophisticated. For guys, simple black long-sleeved button-down shirt or sweater with dark pants…even everything in black, charcoal, or brown really features your face in the portrait. Long-sleeved dark shirts are amazing in the studio!

Jeans and jacket combo, especially for outdoors. Leather jackets, in particular, portray that cool James Dean look for edginess. Canvas jackets, hoodies, any layering pieces. Fun and funky stuff. Bring your everyday things. Texture, shape, and color rule here! Hats, hoodies, furry things, sparkle, bling. Did I forget to mention HOODIES, HOODIES, HOODIES! They are super cute and frame your face. AWESOME!

Last, but not least, bring SHOES for each look! You can follow me on Pinterest for rockin’ senior looks too! Just look for my board “Senior Fashion Tips.” I’m constantly posting here to help you find cool stuff for your session. If you are on Pinterest also, I can follow you for your suggestions too! Your senior portraits should reflect you and your passions. So we work together to create your images. What fun!!


What's not to bring? Any of your favorites, including shopping bags, sunglasses, shoes, jewelry, hats, instruments, IPOD, uniforms, sports gear, pets, Bible, favorite flower, anything that you are known for. The more we capture your favorite things, THE BETTER!


Be sure to get a good night's sleep and be ready to relax and have fun! I'm the one that loses sleep before a session because I get sooooo excited about what to create JUST FOR YOU!


Be sure to check your facial hair prior to your session. If you are clean shaven, get your Mach III out for a spin just before you arrive. If you have a glorious goat-tee, trim it up to look spiffy and neat. Don’t forget to check your neck, as many guys have stubble and nubs here. Look your best!


Get ready to view your images and place your order within a week and decide which images you can’t live without! It is usually NOT an easy process. I know that you will LOVE HOW YOU LOOK at Color my World Studio!


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